IP Slot Floor Solution

World First IP Slot Floor Solution

ReadyLinks is relied upon to deliver IP service to 30,000+ slots machines in Las Vegas, Nevada. ReadyView provides 24/7 service monitoring and sends email alerts when a slot bank goes out of service. Slot technicians report that the ReadyLinks solution is "more reliable than fiber". This plug-and-play solution saves customers millions in installation costs with nearly no service downtime.

ReadyLinks Deployments

Universal IP Slot Floor Solution

IP Slots Products IP Slots Solution

Utilize Existing Cable for High-Speed IP Network

  • Gigabit Internet to every slot bank
  • Plug and Play solution minimizes cost and downtime
  • Relied upon for over 100,000 Ethernet drops

Centrally Managed Network

  • Replace end-of-life slot bank controllers with a 10 Gige IP backbone
  • Utilize outdated serial cabling for high-speed IP network

Universal Network Architecture

  • Cut the cost and hassle of recabling
  • Daisy chain slot banks