Award Winning IPTv over Coax and Twisted Pair Products

ReadyLinks won the 'Most Innovative Technology of the Year' award for allowing Race and Sports Books across Las Vegas to deliver High-Definition IPTv streams over existing coax and twisted pair. ReadyLinks offers the most efficient way to deliver High-Definition video over any coax or twisted pair network.

The ReadyLinks GL-x products are relied upon in MDUs across the United Staes for in-room IPTv service and WiFi access. This Plug-and-Play solution is the ideal way to minimize service downtime and maximize customer satisfaction.

ReadyLinks Deployments

High-Def IPTv over any Cable

Coax Twisted Pair

IPTv over Existing Coax

  • Integrate high-def IPTv over existing coax plant
  • Cut the cost of pulling new cable
  • IGMP v2 and v3 compatability
  • Crestron certified

Utilize Existing Splitters

  • No need to alter existing coax runs
  • Support up to 16 end points on one coax run

IPTv over Existing Twisted Pair

  • Upgrade to high-def IPTv over any UTP