IP Service Delivered over Existing Twisted Pair

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Gigabit over Twisted Pair Solution

This award winning product line integrates directly into any twisted pair infrastructure to distribute Gigabit Internet throughout any building. The ReadyLinks GL-8xC and GL-8xT provide the only universal solution for delivering Gigabit Internet over both coax and twisted pair. This robust Ethernet over twisted pair Plug-and-Play solution is the most cost effective way to deliver reliable Internet over existing twisted pair copper infrastructure without any service downtime.

System Features
  • Scalable chassis and line card design ideal for servicing demands from low density to high density
  • 10G Fiber Backplane ready for future technologies
  • 24/7 ReadyView Service Monitoring
Product Features
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation to meet customer demands
  • Modular line card design for easy network expansion
  • Symmetrical upstream and downstream data rates
  • Near-End Crosstalk Mitigation (NEXT)
  • Compatible with single pair (SISO) or multi-pair (MIMO) cabling
  • Spectrum filtering and frequency notching
  • Reliable service delivery using Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM)
  • 7 native QoS levels
  • Two 10 Gige Fiber Uplink Ports
  • Two 1 Gige Copper Uplink Ports
  • Two Hot-Swappable Line Card Slots
  • Gigabit IP over Existing Twisted Pair
  • Redundant power supplies

Port Descriptions