PoX and PoE+

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Wave 2 PoX

Based on our award winning product line, the IPC-2TCP features two GigE PoE+ Ethernet ports and can be powered over twisted pair or coax (PoX). Instantly deliver high-speed IP services over any coax or copper network.

Key Features
  • 2x GigE PoE+ over copper solution
  • Compatible with single pair (SISO) or multi-pair (MIMO) cabling
  • Power over Coax or Copper with ReadyLinks PoX or optional Type C
  • Provision and Manage with ReadyView
  • Wave 2 Combo Port (Twisted Pair or Coax)
  • 2 GigE PoE+ LAN Port
  • USB Type C Power or PoX (Power over Coax or Twisted Pair)