High Density Solution for Gigabit IP over Twisted Pair

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The GL-24xT is the ideal solution for Gigabit Ethernet over high density copper. This high density design transmits Gigabit speeds throughout any existing twisted pair copper infastructure with minimal service downtime. ReadyLinks is the only universal solution for service providers to deliver Gigabit speeds over any existing coax or copper.

System Features
  • Scalable solution ideal for servicing high density demands
  • Dual SFP+ Fiber Backplane
  • 24/7 ReadyView Service Monitoring
Product Features
  • Dynamic bandwidth allocation to meet customer demands
  • Modular line card design for easy network expansion
  • Symmetrical upstream and downstream data rates
  • Near-End Crosstalk Mitigation (NEXT)
  • Compatible with single pair (SISO) or multi-pair (MIMO) cabling
  • Spectrum filtering and frequency notching
  • Reliable service delivery using Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (OFDM)
  • 7 native QoS levels
  • 24 PSTN Pass through ports (RJ21 connector)
  • Two 10 Gige Fiber Uplink Ports
  • Two 1 Gige Copper Uplink Ports
  • Gigabit IP over Existing Twisted Pair