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Wireless Backhaul

The RHINO GTO and GTO-R Gigabit Ethernet Optical Transport Switches are the ideal solution for backhauling Wireless communication traffic from antennas back to Base Stations and Mobile Switching Offices. The GTO is a hardened rugged unit that can be mounted outdoors on structures and antenna support beams. The GTO-R conveniently rack mounts in cabinets or indoor racks. The ability to run Gigabit Ethernet over a single fiber in a Ring configuration is the most fiber lean solution available in the market today.

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RHINO GTO-R3™ Gigabit Ethernet Transport Optical


- Ethernet Business Services Delivery

- WAN Extensions

- Campus Networks

- Video Surveillance

- Building Automation

- Transportation Systems

- Fractional GigE Drop and Continue


The RHINO GTO-R3 provides cost effective Gigabit Ethernet transport for high speed IP-based data services. Gigabit Ethernet transport provides the bandwidth required for demanding Data, Video and Voice services.

Cost Effective Hardened Gigabit Ethernet Transport

The RHINO GTO-R3 is a rugged GigE Transport platform with an integrated Ethernet switch. The two Ring Network ports are Gigabit Ethernet and can be any distance range of single mode or multimode fiber or copper. The service inputs on the GTO-R3 are four (4) 10/100 Ethernet ports. The third GigE SFP port serves as an uplink or service delivery port

Industry’s Lowest GigE Transport Costs

- RHINO GTO-R3 is optimized for High Bandwidth applications
- Rackmount enclosure and electronics withstand harsh environments
- Pluggable optical and/or copper SFP ports provide flexibility
- Lower optical transceiver costs
- RHINOs support the complete distance range of single mode and multi-mode ReadyLinks SFP laser packs
- Ethernet switch capabilities provides flexible IP data management using advanced VLAN management and tagging protocols

Open Standards Based

The RHINO GTO-R3 is compatible with all major Ethernet Switch and Router Vendors. The GTO-R3 is truly a plug and play Ethernet termination solution.

Rapid One Step Provisioning, Multiple Management

- Remote management of RHINO reduces truck rolls
- Auto provisioning via DHCP and active scripts
- Command Line Interface (CLI) with standard commands
- ReadyLinks BONUS Graphical User Interface




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