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Metro GigE and Transportation Networks

FTTH E-Ring White Paper

CWDM & Rhino GTOs White Paper

Metro Ethernet services delivery to Businesses is an important component of Service Provider revenues.  In order to deliver 10Mbps, 100Mbps and even 1Gigabit per second services, a cost effective architecture must be deployed. Given these are high-bandwidth services, a fiber infrastructure must be used.  In the past, services of these speeds were delivered over a SONET/SDH fiber ring. This was not an ideal method as the Ethernet packets needed to be carried within a Time Domain-based data stream. This method added expense and complexity.  As new Ethernet Switching equipment was introduced, point to point Ethernet Services delivery was utilized. The bandwidth utilization is much better than SONET/SDH, but a fiber or pair of fibers is required for each customer site.

The ReadyLinks 1840 solution can be used in all below diagrams at last mile sites to deliver GigE services over coax and phoneline.

Ethernet with Point-to-Point, Chain or Ring connectivity

ReadyLinks has introduced a simple solution for cost effective Business Ethernet services delivery using the RHINO GTO platform. The RHINO GTO combines Ethernet with Point-to-Point, Chain or Ring connectivity which is shown in the following diagram:

The RHINO GTO is fed by a 1Gbps Ethernet trunk from the Central Point of Presence and two types of customer Ethernet service drops are available:

  • 10/100 Megabit per second auto-negotiating Ethernet port. There are 4 RJ-45 ports on each RHINO which can be utilized with multiple customers
  • 1 Gigabit per second Ethernet port. This GigE port is the second RHINO Trunking port which can be configured as a Service Drop port. Therefore, GigE services are delivered in a point-to-point configuration only. The GigE drop port supports either a fiber or copper SFP interface.

Reclaiming Fiber Assets using CWDM

One of the most cost effective methods of delivering Gigabit Ethernet Services over a single fiber is to use CWDM (Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing). The RHINO GTO-R3 platform supports CWDM Optical SFPs, up to 8 Gbps can be transported over a single fiber.

GTO versus GTO-R3

The RHINO GTO has two packaging options. The GTO is a hardened Gigabit Ethernet Switch in a hardened case suitable for outdoor mounting. The GTO-R3 is a 19inch rack mount unit which is 1.75 in. high. The two units are identical from a functionality standpoint and can be connected together in any of the supported topologies.


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