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IP Video for Transportation Networks


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Transportation Networks

The Problem: The use of IP Video cameras is growing exponentially and replacing analog cameras. For Transportation network surveillance, the challenge is to find reliable Gigabit Ethernet Transport for the IP Video data that can with stand harsh environments and provide self-healing ring networks.

Solution: IP Video Transport over Gigabit Ethernet Rings IP Video cameras are being installed in many locations in Transportation networks - towers, street lights, structures, toll booths, etc. Also, the video outputs of existing analog cameras are being digitally encoded and then transported over IP networks. The outdoor environments where these cameras are installed are often harsh and requires hardened Gigabit Ethernet Switches and Optical Transport. The RHINO GTO platforms with ReadyLinks Optics are ideal for this application.

IP Video using an Environmentally Hardened Self-Healing Gigabit Ethernet Ring
The RHINO GTO is an industrial temperature rated GigE transport platform with an integrated Ethernet switch. The service inputs to the IPC are four (4) 10/100 Ethernet ports. The RHINO GTO-R3 is a rack mounted version. The GTO/GTO-R3 network ports provide a self-healing resilient Gigabit Ethernet Ring and can be any distance range of single fiber or dual fiber single mode or multimode fiber. The RHINO single mode/single fiber network configuration is particularly cost effective. The RHINO GTO optics ports are interoperable with all other vendor’s Gigabit Ethernet switches.

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