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Satelite Installations
The IPC-1840 and IPC 1841 solution provides the fastest IP-based Triple Play services for any satellite installations, such as Dish or DirecTV. The solution utilizes existing infrastructure so there is no need to pay for rewiring! The ReaadyLinks IPcoax 1840 system utilizes Gigabit Ethernet inputs and 1 Gige based outputs.

Condos, Apartments, Hotels and Hospital Solutions
ReadyLinks provides several MDU solutions using both fiber and coax. Existing coax wiring in an MDU building can be used with ReadyLinks IPcoax 1410 that utilize Gigabit Ethernet inputs and 100Mbps HPNA 3 based outputs.

Fiber to the Home
Fiber to the Home (FTTH) continues to gain acceptance around the world as the most cost effective way to deliver high-bandwidth Triple Play Video, Data and Voice services to residential and small business customers.

Metro Gigabit Ethernet
ReadyLinks has introduced the ideal solution for cost effective Business Ethernet services delivery using the RHINO GTO platform. The RHINO GTO combines Ethernet with Point-to-Point, Chain or Ring connectivity

IP Video
The use of IP-based devices such as IP Video Cameras is growing exponentially. A very cost effective method to network these devices is to use the existing coax or twisted pair cabling that was used for analog video cameras and other legacy devices.

Whether you're setting up a new building or retrofitting an existing building, ReadyLinks has the system for you.  Big projects, small projects, tight budgets, ReadyLinks can assist you in completing the project in the most cost effective way.

If you are an OEM looking to expand your current product line or enter into a new market that requires advance communications technology we can help.  We can private label one of our existing products or develop a complete custom solution for your application.  We have a proven track record in quickly and economically developing both wireless and wired products using industry standard or proprietary protocols.

Smart Buildings
Building environments are evolving to an IP-based world. Security, surveillance, controls, sensors, and monitoring devices are being converted from an analog/contact closure world to more sophisticated and powerful IP Ethernet networks.

Wireless Backhaul
The RHINO GTO and GTO-R Gigabit Ethernet Optical Transport Switches are the ideal solution for backhauling Wireless communication traffic from antennas back to Base Stations and Mobile Switching Offices

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