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ReadyLinks Introduces the First IP Residential Triple Play System
Over Fiber, Copper or Air!

RL Powered Triple Play

Reliable Home Integrated Networking Optics - RHINO

Lower your deployment and operational costs of residential triple play services with the RHINO open access system. Using open industry standard protocols the RHINO system ensures interoperability with GigE fiber switches/routers, HPNA and wireless 802.11 enabled devices. Installation costs are reduced by using your choice of existing coax/telephone wiring, Ethernet (Cat 5/6) or wireless IPTV and VoIP devices. The RHINO ReadyViewTM and BONUSTM tools ensure fast high quality installations and reduce truck rolls by providing sophisticated performance monitoring and diagnostic tools.

RHINO System Benefits:

  • Reduced capital costs by using existing residential wiring or wireless options
  • Future proof installations with full line rate 2 GigE transport using residential delivery over open home networking standards
  • Lower operational costs with sophisticated tools that provide both local and remote diagnostics (cable metallic test, SNR, performance monitoring) and management (software upgrades, QoS settings, auto configuration) of the entire system
  • Lower costs and improved reliability by lowering box count with the ability to directly operate with Wireless and HPNA enabled IPTV and VoIP devices
  • Reduce installation time and expenses by using industry standard Plug and Play protocols
  • Simplify supply chain management and lower costs by purchasing directly through national distribution
Optical Service Gateway (OSG)


The RHINO Optical Services Gateway (OSG) provides scalable Gigabit Ethernet FTTH terminations for IP triple play services. Two full line rate Gigabit Ethernet transport ports ensure bandwidth will be available now and into the future for demanding Video, Data, and Voice services. 


            • Software selectable SIP or MGCP voice operation
            • WAN:  Full line rate 2 GIGE interface
            • LAN:  HPNA v3, Wireless 802.11, Ethernet
            • Low power operation (< 6 watts)
            • Turbo IGMP proxy (< 10 msec)
 Model: OSG  

CEB411The NEW CEB-411 is the latest cost effective IPover Coax client for single family residence. The CEB-411 provides a single Ethernet port for connecting to a PC/LAN network or an Ethernet IPTV STB.  The  Coax Ethernet Bridge (CEB-411) supports VoIP, IPTV and Analog Video as well as High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) and is compliant with ITU G.9954 for home networking.

Ideally suited for mass deployment in FTTH or Broadband xDSL deployments with Service QoS features.

The CEB-411 provides the ideal entry point for a service provider to deliver IP Triple Play services over coax.

Model: CEB-411


ReadyLinks AMINO "SmartFoot"

The ReadyLinks SEB SmartFootTM Adapter is a compact and elegant custom accessory, which is directly compatible with the AmiNET110, AmiNET125 and AmiNET130.

This HPNA V3 adapter uses existing coax wiring within the home to transport IPTV data - eliminating the need for rewiring costs.

The SmartFoot allows consumers to receive individual IPTV services on multiple televisions around the house. An end user can view a movie in the living room while another family member watches a different channel in their bedroom and a third person plays an on-demand TV game in the kitchen, all via existing coaxial cabling.

Model: SEB-401
To find out how ReadyLinks RHINO system offers a unique world class solution for the cost effective delivery of IP triple play service visit our web site or contact us through one of the methods below.

ReadyLinks' goal is to provide valuable products and services specifically focused on IP Triple Play, FTTX, Ethernet transport and home networking technologies.  We publish a regular newsletter with exciting technology updates, product offers and customer case studies which we hope you will enjoy reading.  Please feel free to make suggestions on topics of interest. 
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