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Low Cost Full Line Rate Direct Gigabit FTTH and Business Solution!

RL_Open_Systems RHINO-OSG RHINO-GTO IPCoax-1410

ReadyLinks Ethernet Open System Architecture Benefits:

  • Multivendor EthernetInteroperability over fiber or coaxial facilities
  • Low cost and open vendor networks in the last & inside mile for IP Triple Play networks
  • Simple plug and play provisioning according to Broadband Industry standards
  • QoS GigE/100Mbps services with dynamic bandwidth on demand
  • Multimedia content distribution (including multicast capabilities)
  • Delivery of Ethernet based business services (e.g. optical transport, Layer 2 VPN, high availability, higher bit rate symmetrical data services)
  • Delivery of Ethernet based residential services (e.g. VoIP, IP TV delivery and HSIA, managed home networks)

The ReadyLinks Open Systems Architecture provides benifits to ILECs, CLECs, Municipalities and Hospitality System Integrators. The power of Ethernet technology continues to grow in deployment and displacing legacy ATM/SONET and closed GPON technology solutions. With GiGE CAPEX spending less than "50 cents" per Mbps of bandwidth delivered, Ethernet technology is bridging the digital divide between the WAN and LAN. The projected use of GiGE in the last mile is forecast to replace all other legacy fiber solutions within the next several years due to its lower cost structure, higer revenue potential and multivendor interoperability. For a case study and business analysis, please contact ReadyLinks' sales for a business briefing on why and how GiGE is the lowest cost deployment for your future networking needs.

Management Options:


  • Service Provisioning
  • Network Topology
  • Inventory Management
  • Configuration Management
  • Monitoring and Control
  • Fault Management
  • ClearAccess
  • Motorola
  • Dimark
  • Axiras
  • Friendly Technologies
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Residential: RHINO-OSG 


The RHINO Optical Services Gateway (OSG) provides scalable Gigabit Ethernet FTTH terminations for IP triple play services. Two full line rate Gigabit Ethernet transport ports ensure bandwidth will be available now and into the future for demanding Video, Data, and Voice services. 


            • Software selectable SIP or MGCP voice operation
            • WAN:  Full line rate 2 GIGE interface
            • LAN:  HPNA v3, Wireless 802.11, Ethernet
            • Low power operation (< 6 watts)
            • Turbo IGMP proxy (< 10 msec)
 Model: OSG  
Multi-Dwelling Unit: IPCoax 1410

Solve your MDU (Condos, Apartments, Hotels and Hospitals) deployment problems with the ReadyLinks' IPcoax 1410.  With up to 2 GiGE of transport bandwidth in a compact 1U form factor, and support for RF overlay signals you can serve up to 64 customer units with secure QoS for IP TV and High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) using VLAN technology. With the 1410's built in GiGE E-ring offering you can network multiple IPCoax-1410 in a secure ring solution reducing the need for complex layer 2/3 aggregation switches and substantial savings on your capital cost.


The IPcoax 1410 eliminates the need to 're-wire' MDU environments by delivering IPTV, VoIP and High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) services over existing coax cabling to the end user. For IP based services in the MDU, the Ethernet signals must be distributed to TV Set-top boxes, PCs and VoIP-enabled phones. Most MDUs are not wired with Cat5/6 Ethernet cables and the best alternative is to use the existing coax cabling already in place to deliver advanced services.

Model: IPcoax 1410

Business: RHINO GTO-R3

The RHINO GTO-R3 provides cost effective Gigabit Ethernet transport for high speed IP-based data services. Gigabit Ethernet transport provides the bandwidth required for demanding Data, Video and Voice services.

The RHINO GTO-R3 is a rugged GigE Transport platform with an integrated Ethernet switch. The two Ring Network ports are Gigabit Ethernet and can be any distance range of single mode or multimode fiber or copper. The service inputs on the GTO-R3 are four (4) 10/100 Ethernet ports. The third GigE SFP port serves as an uplink or service delivery port.

Model: RHINO GTO-R3 
To find out how ReadyLinks RHINO system offers a unique world class solution for the cost effective delivery of IP triple play service visit our web site or contact us through one of the methods below.

ReadyLinks' goal is to provide valuable products and services specifically focused on IP Triple Play, FTTX, Ethernet transport and home networking technologies.  We publish a regular newsletter with exciting technology updates, product offers and customer case studies which we hope you will enjoy reading.  Please feel free to make suggestions on topics of interest. 
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