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ReadyLinks Introduces the first IP Over Coax switch for Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) Deployments and IP Triple Play Service Delivery !

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IPcoax 1410 : IPTV QoS Switch
Solve your MDU (Condos, Apartments, Hotels and Hospitals) deployment problems with the ReadyLinks' IPcoax 1410.  With up to 2 GiGE of transport bandwidth in a compact 1U form factor, and support for RF overlay signals you can serve up to 64 customer units with secure QoS for IP TV and High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) using VLAN technology. With the 1410's built in GiGE E-ring offering you can network multiple IPCoax-1410 in a secure ring solution reducing the need for complex layer 2/3 aggregation switches and substantial savings on your capital cost.


The IPcoax 1410 eliminates the need to 're-wire' MDU environments by delivering IPTV, VoIP and High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) services over existing coax cabling to the end user. For IP based services in the MDU, the Ethernet signals must be distributed to TV Set-top boxes, PCs and VoIP-enabled phones. Most MDUs are not wired with Cat5/6 Ethernet cables and the best alternative is to use the existing coax cabling already in place to deliver advanced services.

Model: IPcoax 1410 

IPcoax 1410 HPNA MDU Clients 

Generic HPNA CleintThe IPCoax-1410 inter operates with Motorola, Scientific Atlanta and other set top boxes with integrated HPNA.  In addition, ReadyLinks offers various client devices ranging from the MDU Coax Ethernet Bridge (CEB-512) with 2 Ethernet ports delivering voice, video and data services with VLAN options PLUS a high powered signal for MDU deployments. 
 Model: CEB-512  
NEW HPNA Clients 

The NEW CEB-411 is the latest cost effective IP over Coax client for single family residence. The CEB-411 provides a single Ethernet port for connecting to a PC/LAN network or an Ethernet IPTV STB.  The  Coax Ethernet Bridge (CEB-411) supports VoIP, IPTV and Analog Video as well as High Speed Internet Access (HSIA) and is compliant with ITU G.9954 for home networking.

Ideally suited for mass deployment in FTTH or Broadband xDSL deployments with Service QoS features.

The CEB-411 provides the ideal entry point for a service provider to deliver IP Triple Play services over coax.

Model: CEB-411


ReadyLinks AMINO "SmartFoot"

The ReadyLinks SEB SmartFootTM Adapter is a compact and elegant custom accessory, which is directly compatible with the AmiNET110, AmiNET125 and AmiNET130.

This HPNA V3 adapter uses existing coax wiring within the home to transport IPTV data - eliminating the need for rewiring costs.

The SmartFoot allows consumers to receive individual IPTV services on multiple televisions around the house. An end user can view a movie in the living room while another family member watches a different channel in their bedroom and a third person plays an on-demand TV game in the kitchen, all via existing coaxial cabling.

Model: SEB-401
To find out how ReadyLinks offers a unique world class solution for the cost effective delivery of IP triple play service over existing coaxial plant in MDU environments register now for an online briefing.  You will be surprised how easy and cost effective it is to service these customers with the IPCoax-1410 solution.

ReadyLinks' goal is to provide valuable information on networking trends and issues specifically focused on IP Triple Play, FTTX, Ethernet transport and home networking technologies.  We publish a regular newsletter with exciting technology updates, product offers and customer case studies which we hope you will enjoy reading.  Please feel free to make suggestions on topics of interest. 
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