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Manage All HPNA Devices with New BONUS Software

Reduce Time and Improve HPNA Installations

Today's HPNA home deployment ensure rapid Plug and Play installations. ReadyLinks' BONUS guarantees a fast quality installation that reduces the technician time in the home and increases customer satisfaction. The BONUS graphical user interface provides the field installation team with the right tool for completing high quality HPNA home installations.

The ReadyLinks BONUS software is the first in the industry to run on a PC that ensures a smooth installation and offers a comprehensive suite of testing capabilities that guarantee that IP Triple Play services in the home meet appropriate quality assurance metrics.

ReadyLinks' BONUS software enables the installer to rapidly confirm that all devices are connected and the bandwidth performance across the coaxial network meets quality standards.


  • Network Discovery - BONUS finds all compliant HPNA/G.9954 devices connected to the device under test and displays settings and capabilities
  • Upgrade firmware in ReadyLinks IPCoax™ units such as CEB411, CEB422 and legacy products CEB402 and SEB (Smartfoot)
  • Retrieve details of devices such as chip level and software version
  • Detect sporadic noise sources at the installation with Packet Error Rate reporting
  • Validate quality of coax cabling by using Signal to Noise Ratio testing and reporting between Master/Client and Client/Client
To find out how ReadyLinks offers a unique world class solution for the cost effective delivery of IP triple play service over existing coaxial plant in MDU environments register now for an online briefing.  You will be surprised how easy and cost effective it is to service these customers with the IPCoax-1410 solution.

ReadyLinks' goal is to provide valuable information on networking trends and issues specifically focused on IP Triple Play, FTTX, Ethernet transport and home networking technologies.  We publish a regular newsletter with exciting technology updates, product offers and customer case studies which we hope you will enjoy reading.  Please feel free to make suggestions on topics of interest. 
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