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Home Layout for FTTH Connections with Gigabit Links

Fiber to the Home Solution

Brocade and ReadyLinks introduce the next generation of FTTH GbE IP Triple play solution. Service Providers can now offer unprecedented bandwidth performance and services to residential customers across fiber, Coax and Cat 5 Ethernet.

A recent study revealed that the PON solutions resulted on average around the world with a split ratio as 6:1 versus the business case based on the 32/64:1 ratio. This simply means that Service Providers adopting PON pay considerable more in "real" world deployments in CAPEX to connect a home on the network. Low PON splitter ratios are attributed to lower take rate, distance issues, planned growth and technical limitations with the fiber plant. This results in large CO OLT solutions resulting in significantly higher cost in equipment, larger CO footprint and escalating power consumption. The CO based on PON solution is becoming the next power hungry Data Center with only 30% utilization.

So unless one achieves a high take rate as advertised with PON then a direct fiber last mile solution provides the lowest CAPEX approach. With high density Ethernet aggregation a reality with Brocade switches the savings for direct FTTH in "real" world deployments are far superior over a PON solution.

The Brocade and ReadyLinks broadband initiative offers superior switching performance, lowest CAPEX per user and unmatched service features - Ethernet switching and Transport, Secure QoS, MAC, IGMP, MPLS, IPv4/6). This extraordinary solution serves all residential and business fiber to the premise solutions.

Brocade / ReadyLinks FFTx Solution

  • 1080 GBPS Backplane
  • 848 GBPS data switching
  • 16 Line Cards
  • Gps/slot (HDX)
  • Line Cards: 16 GE(24 Ports Line Rate) and 1 GE Copper and Fiber (384 Ports Line Rate)
  • PoE Capable
  • Switch fabric redundancy 1+1
  • Redundant Power N+3
  • Gigabit Ethernet Fiber to the Home
  • Direct or Ring based E-FTTH
  • Self-managing Ethernet based E-FTTH gateway
  • Auto configuration with Brocade Switches
  • Self healing Gigabit Ethernet ring on 1 fiber
  • 2 VoIP ports on RJ-11
  • 4 Ethernet service ports full line rate
  • HPNA 3 service port on coax connection
  • 8 hour battery backup option
  • Status indicator LED's
  • Remote management of RHINO, in-house HPNA and UPS batteries

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To find out how ReadyLinks offers a unique world class solution for the cost effective delivery of delivering Ethernet up to 100 Mbps over either coax or Cat 5 Ethernet. Register now for an online briefing. You will be surprised how easy and cost effective it is to service these customers with ReadyLinks Ethernet solutions.

ReadyLinks provides valuable information on networking trends and issues specifically focused on IP Triple Play, FTTX, Ethernet transport and home networking technologies. We publish a regular newsletter with exciting technology updates, product offers and customer case studies which we hope you will enjoy reading.  Please feel free to make suggestions on topics of interest. 
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