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ReadyLinks 200 Mbps HPNA technology - CEB-422-M

- Delivers up to 200 Mbps IP over Coax
- Dynamic VLAN assignment
- IP-based IPTV, Internet, VoIP over home coax
Extends FTTH data speed into home using existing home wiring

The CEB-422-M Coax Ethernet Bridge enables voice, video and data applications over exiting home wiring.

Flexible Method for Delivery FTTH Services
Fiber to the Home services are delivered to the home over a fiber network terminating on a Network Terminal or Gateway mounted outside or inside the home. To distribute IP-based services in the home the Ethernet signals must be distributed to TV Set-top boxes, PCs and VoIP-enabled phones. Most homes are not wired with Cat5/6 Ethernet cables and the best alternative is to use the existing coax cabling in the home.

CEB-422-M: The Ideal Solution for Utilizing Existing Home Wiring
- Instant IPTV access to any coax outlet without rewiring
- Fast, secure and reliable solution reduces installation time
- Dynamic bandwidth allocation optimizes throughput based on activity
- Quality of Service and VLAN termination and tagging
- Extends fiber optic data speed onto existing home wiring
- Compatible with existing RF off-air and CATV based systems
- Compatible with home entertainment systems such as Windows Media Center and Windows Media Center Extender

Open Standards Based
The CEB-422-M supports the HPNA 3.x and ITU-T G9954 standards for Ethernet over coax.

Rapid One Step Provisioning, Multiple Management Options
- Easy Plug and Play installation
- Remote management of 422 units in the home network reduces truck rolls
- ReadyLinks BONUS Graphical User Interface shows status of all 422 units in the home and shows network performance statistics.

CEB-422-M Deployment Example:
A Master 422 Coax Ethernet Bridge is connected to the home coax near the FTTH Gateway. Client 422 bridges are connected to the home coax cabling near TV Set-top boxes and PCs.

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Application Examples:
MDU application
IP Video application

To find out how ReadyLinks offers a unique world class solution for the cost effective delivery of IP triple play service over existing coaxial plant in MDU environments register now for an online briefing. You will be surprised how easy and cost effective it is to service these customers with ReadyLinks IPcoax solutions.

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