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IPC 841T

IPC 841C

IPC 1840C

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Gigabit over twister pair/phone line layer 2+ Managed Switch


- Delivers up to 1 Gbps IP over Phone Line
- Dynamic VLAN assignment
- IP-based IPTV, Internet, VoIP over home phone line
Extends FTTH data speed into home using existing home wiring
- Secure encrypted communication


  • Condominiums
  • Apartments
  • Hotels
  • Security Cameras
  • Command and Control Centers
  • Industrial Analog to Digital upgrades
  • Hospitals


Typical MDU Deployment

Flexible Method for Delivering Services
Fiber to the Home services are delivered to the home over a fiber network terminating on a Network Terminal or Gateway mounted outside or inside the home. To distribute IP-based services in the home the Ethernet signals must be distributed to TV Set-top boxes, PCs and VoIP-enabled phones. Most homes are not wired with Cat5/6 Ethernet cables and the best alternative is to use the existing coax cabling in the home.

IPC-1840T: The Ideal Solution for Utilizing Existing Home Wiring
- Instant IPTV access to any coax outlet without rewiring
- Fast, secure and reliable solution reduces installation time
- Dynamic bandwidth allocation optimizes throughput based on activity
- Quality of Service and VLAN termination and tagging
- Extends fiber optic data speed onto existing home wiring
- Compatible with existing RF off-air and CATV based systems
- Compatible with home entertainment systems such as Windows Media Center and Windows Media Center Extender


Rapid One Step Provisioning, Multiple Management Options
- Easy Plug and Play installation
- Remote management of 841 units in the home network reduces truck rolls
- IPC-1840 web GUI shows the status of all 841 units in the home and shows network performance statistics.