Frequently Asked Questions

  • No more than 40db of attenuation between nodes at 5-200Mhz
  • 1 Master Node (Coax Port on GL-8xC) to up to 8 clients recommended
  • Custom notch filtering between 5-200Mhz available for compatibility with different devices. For example, security cameras.
  • Compatible with standard CATV cabling and splitters (RG6, RG59, etc...)
  • Compatible with standard RF CATV overlay
For both scenarios you are going to want to operate with no more than 40db of loss in the 5-200Mhz range. Coax can actually operate at 40db of loss but for practical purposes try to operate below 40db. For coax this is typically 3,190 ft (RG-59) and 4,000 ft (RG-6). For twisted pair this is typically 2,500 ft
The ReadyLinks Twisted Pair product line is compatible with any single or multi-pair twisted pair cabling. Some common cable types include:
  • CAT1 to CAT5, CAT5E, CAT6, & CAT7
  • Nano-skew
  • Belden twisted pair - Audio, Control and Instrumentation cable
  • Crestron Cresnet
The ReadyLinks Coax product line is compatible with all common coax cabling. Some standard cable types include:
  • RG58, RG59, RG6
  • Mini-coax
  • IPC-4STP and IPC-4SBNC : 15-48VDC or 15-32VAC
  • GL-8xC, GL-8xT and GL-2xMT : 110-240VAC
  • GL-842C and GL-842T : 12VDC
  • IPC-1840C and IPC1840T : 110-240VAC
  • IPC-841C and IPC-841T : 5VDC
Yes, the ReadyLinks GL-x series support management via telnet on the management VLAN, ReadyView EMS, GUI, SSH and SNMP for telemetry.
Two 10Gbps SFP+ and 2 1Gbps RJ45 uplink ports.
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