Gigabit Ethernet over Coax and Phoneline
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Headend IPC-1840C
Headend IPC-1840T


Client IPC-841C
Client IPC-841T


- Delivers GigE High Speed Internet Access (HSIA), IPTV, and VoIP
- Utilize existing wires to reduce costs
- User-friendly web GUI for easy network management
- Service up to 64 client units with a single headend
- Service 1000+ customers by combining (point to point, daisy chain, or ring) multiple headends
- Fastest plug and play solution available
- Works perfectly with satellite installations
- Provision, manage, and monitor clients with the IPC-1840
This is the easiest and most cost effective system to provide GigE service to customers with the IPC-1840C/T and IPC-841C/T solution. To find out how ReadyLinks offers a unique world class solution for cost effective delivery of IP triple play service over the existing wiring plant in MDU environments contact us now.

ReadyLinks' goal is to provide the best products for delivering IP over existing wiring. For more information pleace contact us.

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