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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the operating temperature range of the ReadyLinks products?

* CEBxxx: 0° C to 40° C
* IPC14xx: 0° C to 70° C
* RHINO products (OSG, IPC, GTO, GTO-3): -40° C to 80° C

What is the distance limitation of the IP over coax and IP over phone line equipment when using client to client and when using the multiport headend piece?

For both scenarios you are just going to want to operate with no more than 50db of loss in the 5-100Mhz range.  Coax can actually operate at 60db of loss but for practical purposes try to operate below 50db.

For coax this is typically 3,190 ft (RG-59) and 4,000 ft (RG-6).

What are the specifications when it comes to engineering the Coax, splitters, power, etc… for the IPC-1840 and IPC-841 system?

- No more than 50db of attenuation  between nodes at 5-100Mhz

- 1 Master Node (COM Port on 1840C) to up to 8 clients recommended.

- Custom notch filtering between 5-100Mhz available for compatibility with different devices. For example, security cameras.

- Compatible with standard CATV cabling and splitters (RG6, RG59, etc...)

- Compatible with standard RF CATV overlay

Single fiber 802.3ah Gig standard?

Yes, the RHINO platforms as well as the IPC 14xx platforms use SFP's for the optical interface to provide the widest variety of network topologies. SFP's are available to support all the standard fiber interfaces defined in 802.3ah including:

* 100BASE-LX20 – 100Meg dual fiber 20km
* 100BASE-BX20 – 100Meg single fiber 20km
* 1000BASE-LX – 1Gig dual fiber  up to 80km
* 1000BASE-BX20 – 1 Gig single fiber up to 20km
* 1000BASE-PX20 - currently supports 1Gig, and has compatibility with the new 2.5Gbps standard for EPON.i

What is the maximum MTU on a RHINO GTO?

The maximum MTU for the GTO is 1522 bytes plus tags.

HPNA low-band vs. mid-band?

ReadyLinks has HPNA products that support both the 4-20 Mhz and 12-28 Mhz bands, which are commonly referred to low-band and mid-band respectively. This is not a user configurable option but must be specified when ordering the products.

Layer 3 support to Cisco Catalyst?

Currently the RHINO OSG supports layer 2 Ethernet using VLANS for traffic classification and priority. The OSG does contain Layer 3 functions that are used to support the voice protocol stacks. User traffic is currently processed completely in hardware, this makes the RHINO OSG capable of wire speed traffic on the Gigabit WAN ports and all 100 Mbps LAN ports simultaneously.

2 voice ports:  MGCP to G6. SIP to Alcatel/Lucent Softswitch FS5K?

Yes, the RHINO OSG has 2 voice ports. The RHINO OSGs support MGCP and SIP based voice. The ReadyLinks default MGCP implementation is LCS Nuera-style with over 12,000 MGCP enabled RHINOs deployed. We are pursuing discussions with General Bandwidth for MGCP interoperability. Currently SIP interoperability has been tested with CopperCom, MetaSwitch and Tekelec switches. ReadyLinks will test interoperability with SureWest’s G6 MGCP gateway and Alcatel/Lucent Softswitch and make any modifications to achieve interoperability.

10/100 FE ports?

Currently the RHINO OSGs support 4 Ethernet service ports with a 5th Ethernet port over HPNA which supports up to 8 multi-port drops for a total of 12 Ethernet endpoints.

Integrated HPNAv3?

Yes, ReadyLinks is the leading global supplier of HPNA for FTTH optical network terminals.  ReadyLinks supplies HPNA to Calix, Occam, Amino and others. ReadyLinks is a leader in residential HPNA Coax Ethernet Bridges. Both HPNA v3 and HPNA v3.1 are currently available on the OSG. ReadyLinks also has a broad product line of HPNA based products for Residential and Multiple Dwelling Unit implementations. ReadyLinks HPNA is interoperable with several HPNA-enabled IPTV set-top boxes.

TFTP software via DHCP server for upgrades and option id (vendor class identifier)?

Yes, RHINO OSGs support DHCP options for TFTP server for upgrades and configurations.

Option Id – vendor class identifier?

Not currently on the released software, ReadyLinks separates DHCP requests based on VLANs.  For a non-VLAN network, a vendor class identifier could be added.


DNS for SIP via DHCP packet?

No, as the Voice service in the RHINO OSG is designed as lifeline POTS service and does not use DNS for SIP via DHCP packet.  Reliability of service is reduced using DNS for SIP calls because of possible unavailability of the DNS server.  The SIP stack in the RHINO OSG supports DNS service and can be configured in the next software release if required.


NTP timeserver via DHCP packet?

No, instead the RHINO OSG NTP time server is automatically configured via DHCP configuration file or the CLI.  Configuration via DHCP option field could be added in next release of software if required.


Support IGMP snooping (and/or proxy), and fast leave?

Yes, IGMP snooping is supported on the RHINO OSG. The newest version of OSG software currently in test adds this to IGMP proxy.


LED’s for status and activity verification?

Yes, the RHINO OSG has a complete set of status LEDs and craft explanations on the front of the unit:

The LEDs on the RHINO OSG are as follows:

PWR (Power) LED



Power connected to OSG


No Power to OSG. Turns off at 3.3V

BATT (Battery) LED



UPS AC power has failed and the unit is running on battery.




Only in Power up Self Test


Normal Operation




The interface is passing traffic


No optics or signal




The interface is passing traffic


No optics or signal




One or more phones off hook




The CPU is executing code


The CPU has locked up and must be reset




HPNA link present to at least one client

12Volt DC for UPS battery backup?

Yes, in addition supports all alarms via syslog and SNMP for standard UPS model – CyberPower and Alpha. Connections supported are: 12VDC power, 12VDC return, Signal Return, AC Power fail on UPS, Replace UPS Battery, Battery Missing, Low Battery.


Remote management via (ssh, telnet, GUI, etc.)?

Yes, RHINO OSGs support management via telnet on the management VLAN, ReadyView EMS and SNMP for telemetry.  GUI and ssh could be added in a future release.


Basic layer 2 switch (supports 1 flat untagged vlan)?

Optional sw available.  Normally the OSG supports VLAN separated classes of traffic (Voice, Data, Video, Management).  The software load should be complete within the month.


Auto MDIX (10/100 & full/half) and the ability to manually set speed & duplex?

Yes, all service ports support rate and mode negotiation as well as auto cross over. Ports can be provisioned in a fixed mode. Also all Ethernet service ports support cable testing that will report cable opens, shorts, pair crossing and the cable distance from the OSG to the short or open.


Support 100 Mbps none blocking on all LAN ports?

Yes, all RHINO OSGs support wire speed data transfer on all data ports.


Support 1 Gig throughput on WAN port?

Yes, all RHINO OSGs support wire speed data transfer on all data ports.


WAN interface is SFP (1310 TX, 1490 RX)?

Yes, the OSG GigE WAN optical interfaces are SFPs. ReadyLinks stocks SFPs for single fiber and dual fiber configurations for distances from 1km to 80km please see the ReadyLinks catalog list for SFP distance and wavelengths supported.


Ring voltage 85-90volts? 



Minimum 5 REN (Ringing Equivalence Number)? 

Yes, extensive compatibility with various POTS appliances has been conducted in different configurations.  With over 12,000+ units deployed both the hardware and software has been refined to support both legacy and current POTS appliances. 


FAX support (T38 and g.711)?

G.711 fax (T.30) is supported. T.38 is not currently supported.


Dial-up speed minimum 40-50 Kbps?  

Yes, extensive compatibility with various POTS appliances has been conducted in different configurations.  With over 12,000+ units deployed both the hardware and software has been refined to support both legacy and current POTS appliances.  Standard regression testing verified modem performance over multiple days.


IGMP support for layer 2 bridged networks (ie: HPNA)?

Yes, current software supports IGMP snooping, new software release currently in test upgrades this to IGMP proxy.

Manageable IGMP parameters to change leave times for HPNA

Yes in proxy version


SNMP monitoring for CPE both gateway and UPS support?

Yes in software version currently in test

Hot line support?

Yes in SIP voice mode


Rate limiting per LAN port?

The RHINO OSGs support output rate shaping and input rate limiting on all data service ports.

Is the RL equipment hardened?

See operating temperature above

What is the maximum number of VLANS supported by RHINO products (eg. IPC-1410, GTO, IPC, OSG-H)?

  • 200 vlans per RHINO SW provisioning limit
  • 100 vlans limit per port SW provisioning limit
  • 4096 vlans supported by hardware

What is the number of HPNA clients per port for the IPC-1410, RHINO IPC and OSG-H?

  • 16 HPNA clients per HPNA port
  • 64 HPNA clients devices per IPC-1410 (4 HPNA ports), 16 HPNA devices per RHINO IPC and OSG-H devices (1 HPNA port)

What is the number of MAC addresses per customer unique Unicast VLAN for the IPC-1410, IPC and OSG-H?

  • 50 MAC addresses limited by HPNA chipset/firmware
  • Multicast does not have same limitation
  • Multicast is not part of same MAC table/broadcast to STB

What is the rate profile granularity of the HPNA client and how can I manage it?

  • 1 Kbps increments on HPNA client
  • Minimum 64 kbps
  • Maximum 90 Mbps
  • Managed through profiles in ReadyView Server.

How many profiles can be stored in ReadyView Server?

    • Limited by server disk space
    • No database limitation

    For the IPC-1410, IPC and OSG-H, can a hacker get into the coax to see other peoples data using a balun?

    No, will not see anything.

    For the IPC-1410, IPC and OSG-H, how is hacking prevented when using an HPNA client with a packet sniffer such as Wireshark?

    The RHINO products set a security bit preventing anything from being connected on the network. No visibility to device without the access code. The RHINO products will only allow authorized OUIs to connect. The RHINO products will, in addition, generate an alarm with foreign devices detected on network.

    Using a STB ethernet port, how is hacking prevented when using a RHINO product / HPNA client with a packet sniffer such as Wireshark?

    The user will only see his own VLAN. The RHINO product / CEB prevents any other living unit traffic visibility.

    Are there specific SFP requirements for RHINO products; optical planning budget?

    Standard optical planning for specific SFP selected. SFP available in 10Km, 20Km, 40Km, 80Km to 120Km.

    What protocols are required for the ring architecture of the RHINO products?

    MSTP (Multiple Spanning Tree) interface is used to the Switch. RL equipment uses extended MSTP between RL devices.

    • It supports up to 64 devices on a ring
    • Faster recovery sub 1 second
    • Each ring receives full 2 GiGe for service in normal operation

    What is included in the ReadyView OSS?

    • ReadyView OSS includes
      • Linux based OS
      • a DHCP server
      • a tftp server

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